Welcome to Halifax Burgers

At Halifax we have a burger for you, whether you are in the mood for a classic burger, a spicy one, a vegan one, a cheesy one or something else. Basically, we make delicious burgers in different variations with quality ingredients. And we serve them in a cozy and low-key atmosphere.

Friends Ulrich and Peter opened the first Halifax restaurant in 2007. As the years went by, it turned into 12 restaurants in Copenhagen, Lyngby, Hillerød, Køge, Roskilde & Odense - and more than 300 employees. But we strive to keep the same humble approach as always. No nonsense, but lots of ambitions.

Feeling hungry?

See our menu in English in the PDF below. To order takeaway from Halifax Burgers, give your closest restaurant a call – or come by and let us spoil you in the restaurant. You can also order takeaway online, if you have a few Danish-skills. Or borrow some from a friend. If you want the food delivered at your door you have to order it online.

Where to find us?

See a list of all our restaurants in and around Copenhagen, their locations and phone numbers here.


Burger Gallery

Let your eyes help you decide. Here are pictures of our different burgers.


Our food

We have grown from 1 to 12 restaurants in 12 years, but we are making the same effort in the kitchen as always. We have a central kitchen in Hvidovre, where bakers and chefs get in everyday at 5.30 to make burger buns, cucumber salad, rösti, mayos, chilifried mushrooms and the rest of our products. From here it is delivered to our restaurants every day, where the rest of your food is prepared. We do not use preservatives or artificial flavors in our food.

We take many things into consideration when choosing our ingredients, and of course Mother Earth is one of them. Our beer, coffee, most of our wines, cider, several flour products, oatmeal and selected vegetables are organic. The amount of organic ingredients is growing continuously.

We have several vegan options on the menu – our Berlin burger is entirely vegan, but you can also build a vegan burger yourself. Look for the green leafs in the menu to check what’s vegan.

Our chicken patty is halal-certified.

Quality suppliers
We have a great cooperation with Danish producers and suppliers of quality coffee (Peter Larsen), and wine (Kenn Husted) and the small Danish beer brewery Braunstein Bryggeriet.


Working at Halifax Burgers

Would you like to join 300 Haligonians in a great work place? See our job openings here. You are always welcome to send us an application. PS. We speak Danish in the Halifax Headquarters and in the restaurants, but English in the kitchens. However, we are one big team. 


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